Process & System Improvement

Engineered Experiences strives to optimize workflow, reduce waste and increase productivity through observations, analysis, brainstorming, and implementation of Lean based principles.


Lean manufacturing

We provide training and education for your workforce on the Lean Manufacturing Principles and techniques. Engineered Experiences can aid in the implementation of Lean Manufacturing by:

  • Employing "5S" and Value Stream Mapping Tools
  • Demonstrating and organizing Kaizen events
  • Developing key metrics to maintain implementations
  • Creating a road-map to establish Lean sustainability

operation excellence

Engineered Experiences focuses on data driven decisions that lead to operational excellence for optimum opertunity identification, concept validation, and Return-on-Investment (ROI).


industrial Engineering

Engineered Experiences first step in every Industrial Engineering project is observation and discovery, where our consultants thoroughly investigate the current operation, leveraging internal resources to gain a full understanding. Documentation is created, reviewed and validated with the project team. Process improvement concepts are developed and brainstormed, and leading improvement ideas receive consensus with the client’s internal team. Additional data may be collected through time studies or operational data to quantify benefits. A final report is generated to document the entire process, and provide analysis, recommendations and an implementation plan.


workflow optimization

Engineered Experiences has years of experience in workflow optimization with a diverse client base. Each project begins with an in-depth understanding of current practices and requirements. Opportunities for optimization are then identified and quantified. Finally an implementation plan is developed to improve the established problems.